Thursday, August 21, 2008

Newtonian Neoconservatives

Neoconservative ideologies recommend a fierce level of competition where naturally each newton [unit of force], social action, and dollar of value is spent intentionally or not at all. This is their logical system of law and the Constitution guarantees things they would call inconvenient and meaninglessly expensive. To them nothing is priceless. Any kind of quality of living is purchasable and backed entirely by currency, ownership by control, and their social value networks.

Most people live in economies and networks that have decency, which is more of an average, humanity, sometimes a minimum quota, and averseness to certain risks and a presumed shared desire to uproot the cause of these risks. Many also subscribe to universal truth, which forbids lying except to spare lives. All non-scientific and faith based religious and spiritual practices are in this group. Newtonian Neoconservatives seem to exclude themselves from these ideologies. Their religious practices are most fascinating and likely some of the last or core ideologies to fade into $. Locally prevailing or homeland expressions define them more closely.

This method explains the actions of the American executive branch and the members of the Neoconservative revolution from ~1980 to the present. A Neoconservative would never give JFK's speech on secret societies for the good of our nation. Logically, they would use that secret environment to advance their wealth and advantage over others, even if many were threatened, unless it personally threatened them. Humanitarianism without clear payback is unknown to neoconservatives, even if the payment is public relations. JFK gave that speech in defense of democracy and civil society.

Every good action has rewards, even if they are not apparent, and those rewards will return to you someday. Storing up treasures in heaven is an excellent practice. These men and women are sowing the seeds of a society that is nothing but control, which will become a society that has no new infusions of fitness and nothing new to offer.

Recall again that the Royal Bank of Scotland and Calysle Group memo show that in ~September 2008 there is a scheduled global investor pullout from world economies. This is expected to be a multi-trillion dollar evaporation of funds from financial institutions and markets. The DJIA could easily drop thousands of points that month and global currencies could be destabilized. We are also on high alert for war with Iran before January 2009. Invading Iran would immediately take 3 mbd of oil offline and occupy a massive quantity of American and Middle Eastern resources. This conflict could escalate into a global nuclear engagement between USA, Iran, Israel, Russia, and NATO. The benefit of this would likely be unseen.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Royal Bank of Scotland Gives Latest Economic Warning second event

The economic hardship risk analysis that has been coming out in reference to the pending economic disaster since the early 2000's came one bead closer when the Royal Bank of Scotland warned on Tuesday of a 'nasty' selloff in the coming 3 months producing the worst economic downturn of a century.

This is a scheduled event in the global market being foretold. The Royal Bank of Scotland mentioned that 'one of the major risks always associated with globalism was putting bankers into a tight spot'. This tight spot is planned for the purpose of overturning the world's markets from government control to primarily business control. A world depression is the ultimate deregulation of markets.

Market share and comfortability of executives is unlikely to decline. Global economic competition is assured to intensify and control will likely solidify in the musical chairs economy for world ownership.

This event system is in the timeline of Carlyle Group's Fall 2006 leaked memo saying that the world economic community had a 12-24 month window after which time there would be "zero liquidity". It began in Fall 2007 with the series of credit crises, and has progressed through American fuel price escalation and dramatic dollar value decreases. This fall, when the RBS has forecasted a massive selloff, is the closing of that predicted window, and may be the culmination of a series of global risks coming to light.

1. Global depression and fuel crisis
2. Illegal war against Iran
3. Domestic crackdowns
4. A rigged 2008 American election
5. A false flag domestic terrorism event, possibly the nuking of Portland, Oregon or another American city by American forces to be blamed on Iran and our enemies.

The HAARP installation in Alaska is a machine run by the CIA and designed to send sympathetic or antagonistic waves to affect the vibration of earth and the ionosphere. Just as HAARP can affect the vibration of earth, alchemy can affect the vibration of an atom or a molecule. Danny Klein's Aquygen from Clearwater, Florida, uses special electrolysis just like the HAARP to crack atoms apart using a special frequency. His test car ran 100 miles using 4 ounces of water.

This invention could solve our entire economic woe. But it appears our companies and governments do not want this for they have bought such patents and concealed them for decades.

It seems prophesied that Barack Obama is the antichrist. The antichrist has been prophesied as a man in his 40's of muslim descent who will charm the world and be adored like Christ. It is probable that Barack Obama, if elected president, will become the sitting chairman of a condensing world economic community during his term.

December 21, 2012 is the day when earth will pass through a once-in-5125-years astronomical arrangement with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The years preceding and following this date are similar to the early and late hours on the night of a full moon. A full moon has effects similar to this galactic eclipse, but the power of the entire Milky Way Galaxy will be focused on earth in the way the full moon focuses on earth. The illogical and unwise choices made by governments are the opposite of what a responsible civilization would do to prepare for such an event. The ones who do prepare for this event in truth and honesty are the ones who are the leaders of the human race.

Governments who fail to protect and guide us during this time are shameful piles of beauracracy and abuse.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've met numerous people with very rosy economic models which do not explain major market forces in action in the 90's and 00's. I'd like to very finely detail what I believe is happening.

We see a standing operation of a ring of all major companies, any that employs 500 people or more with annual incomes of 5 million or more, all interinvested and held chiefly by perhaps 500,000-5 million very wealthy global investors.

These companies are chugging along in the global economy. They face certain scenarios that they might deal with in numerous ways.

1 intercorporate competition negotiated by interinvestment and ownership
2 Market conditions unfavorable to just one company or owner-family which is interinvested but which has made unique and poor or abusive or disruptive choices.
3 Government interactivity resulting from a populist movement that would disrupt markets or corporate conditions
4 Technological advancement of various kinds

I am most interested presently in the last, #4.

We can speculate that corporate laboratories starting in the 1930's and 1940's became acquainted with ways to produce energy very massively. In the modern era we are experiencing the accumulation of this kind of technology. Imagine that this company family discovers through alchemy a way to get 100mpg carburetors, or how to get energy from water.

What would they do? They could release the technology to the general public or through their company to be distributed to the public. What would this look like in the market?

The technology would be developed and distributed. The simple and high output technology would allow roughly anyone to produce any amount of power in their own home or small business without spending money on oil resources or refineries. These refineries would be devalued to their metal components, or become specialty items. The world's refining capacity which is to 90 million barrels daily of fuel oil currently would be replaced promptly by water engine demand. Too promptly for the companies to profitably restructure their industries or even wash. They would lose that investment to the populace.

The energy market would shift:

Before: GE and friends currently represent roughly 30% of the energy market. They take perhaps $1.5 trillion annually in energy profits, and hold perhaps $15 trillion in infrastructure. They own nuclear and coal power plants, fuel refineries, oil fields and coal deposits developed by contracting agencies. They also own lots of power lines and energy grids. These are all '110%' profitable, making 10% of their infrastructure value each year in money.

After: GE and friends power plants are replaced by all businesses and homes soon switching to water fuel or local water installations, as the technology is cheap enough for $30,000 companies to replace $300 million power plants. GE loses these nuclear power plants and they close. They lose 60-80% of their grids and wires. 30% of homes and industries and businesses buy or are built when new with their own water generators or buy from local plants.

GE could be an active agent in this switch, but selling their power plants and other equipment to generate the capital to do that will reduce their fortune from ~$15 trillion in holdings to only perhaps $6 trillion in liquidity, or will take years and give them $8-12T, during which time a suitable midlevel investment must be made to hold the money/charge for the switch. Immediate introduction would cause $trillions to disappear. [But now we see millions of lives lost.]

What can they do to switch to this technology except foment it? But then fomenting it will crush their fortunes and their market shares and eventually, without massive infrastructure, their fortunes will dissolve back into the populace and they will level off with a fortune of perhaps $500B-$1T after ~15 years, although the utility from the technology will allow that sum to buy them about as much as $15T did before.

They really gain almost nothing from the switch, except the technology advancement rate enhances. If they have secret laboratories or healthcare they would gain truthfully nothing except expanded technological base. If aliens exist and share tech with them they are capos and would gain truly nothing, while losing their social rarity.

So it seems that the technology transmission is a guarded event, and stressful as sex. This probably is a simulation of sex to God or aliens, and maybe a process of sperm selection in other senses.

The GE's interested in keeping their secrecy or cowardly about the revolution purchase their technological competitors and their technologies and make deals with one another not to use or mention this technology. They own media corporations so even the publicized mention of these articles is restricted. They work with governments who have a history of warfare and large militaries. If the enemy got this technology and went to war on us we could quite lose, but for the bomb, which would be a nightmare. So the secrets are again closely guarded and privately developed.

The state wants to keep a watch on this kind of activity and maintain intelligence and control systems. Eventually mankind's population and economic realities become too large for non-freedom technologies and the bubble must be burst. Keeping a lid on populations and these freedom secrets in shortening wars for remaining resource efficiencies such as Iraq, Iran, become less well explained and supported. 9/11 and the war on terror is used as a motivator to keep tabs on humans and to motivate these opportunity wars. They will be unraveled, freedom technologies will escape or be developed or leaked by a big company, the military will break into war or riot when the fake is discovered, the state will crack itself or revolution, poverty and war will break out when the big companies themselves finally fail and become hedged empires and walled cities. 2014, should be over. Nuclear war of these empires is one popular way out. They could be educated instead by companies and the revolution-state.

Chemtrails, knowledge-crapping foods and techniques, supercompetition to focus on the $ not the possibilities.

Barack Obama is the continuation of status quo in the new form. You can see how quickly status quo and the 'backpedal' changing.

Ron Paul would be the exit path out with a dark patch of failed to discuss which is primarily the military, which libertarians fail to address properly. I don't fail to.

Those on the ground [0-$400k] would gain worlds. They have nothing at all to lose from the most rapid dispersion of technology except a global economic collapse from the GE's of the world no longer providing their infrastructure items of electric power and foods.

Intermediating those foods and supplies is a big boon if you can produce it.

#1-3 to be produced soon.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello! How do you feel about Obama? I take it you like him.

Do you know that our telephones currently have pre-crime tone detection? There are certain tones humans use before they are about to commit a crime, when they tell a lie, when they truly mean something or love, and on other unique occasions that our NSA listens for using computers through our telecommunications networks.

I believe that these kinds of systems can and should be used on politicians.

Using a crude method of analyzing the tone of Barack Obama, I have found that he is indeed lying, but that he believes in his own lies, which skews the sensor. I believe this in combination with a number of attractive but non-material concessions has tricked the American people into favoring him in a cultlike way.

I approve of some of his platforms. He has promoted decriminalizing marijuana and I approve of soft drug laws. [The whisper is that soft drug laws will be coming around Thanksgiving, and I do not believe Hillary or McCain approve of drug liberalization, so I believe Obama has been given the top hat for the win by the big wigs in November.]

He wants to create a national healthcare plan, which I believe is unconstitutional to force people to engage in or devote money to, but which I support the provision of for people who want to participate in a nationally-negotiated citizens' healthcare group.

I am displeased with the market provisionof healthcare plans, butI do not think the government will effectively run healthcare to the benefit of consumers. I believe the program will be an additional taxpayer overinvestment and destabilize our nation further. Without changing the private Federal Reserve system, our fiat currency, and major corporations, we will have a difficult time controlling our economy.

We can leave Iraq more quickly than 16 months. I also want to see a candidate act on 9/11 truth and the illegal invasions. Has he sponsored or voted on a bill to impeach George Bush? I will.

His 'Middle East Compact' is not sufficient. We have a congress and a Judiciary that we should employ to review our war crimes in Iraq. Giving this to an international agency is a globalization when the authority lies with we the American people. We can try other national war criminals in absentia in Massachusetts, where I will ask to mandate the arrest and/or absentia trial of war criminals in a way similar to France and Germany's law systems, or try them at The Hague.

His economic stimulus package will further provoke inflation, a more serious wound toour economy. We've experienced over 50% inflation in the years since 2000. We need to balance our budget and not continue to spend as freely as the state does. My plan is to publicize the issue that the Federal income tax is unConstitutional and to ask workers to stop paying it. Numerous cases in our courts have been won on these Constitutional grounds. To honor our nation's foundation and to repair our damaged budget, this is the best economic answer. An extra $5,000 to $50,000 a year from ending a 15-37% annual tax on your income would be a powerful operation.

No child left behind has been cataclysmic to our students. I would promote home schooling and special 2nd shift school programs involving teachers and parents together in evenings with students in a more open environment. Students could switch at any time to participate in the alternative grading system and earn achievement awards from day one or the last day of school based on their merit and performance on reviews and tests in the fields of their choosing. This would be a true "A's-per-week" measurement insteadof the A-F scale and relative grading with social promotion.

These policies make me a better candidate for president and for local office. I don't support Barack Obama. I also do not support Hillary Clinton, who is staying in the race to help refine Barack. John McCain's military aggressiveness make him very unfavorable in my book and will not vote for him. My vote will go to Ron Paul for his liberty and freedom loving ways, his sound economics, and for creating an environment that is community-friendly and supportive of truth and investigation.

<>< William

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WSJ wants to let lenders demolish homes to inflate the price of homes. Population growth is continuing. Homes are needed goods.

Smash good whiskey first.

Fuck YOU.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seattle joins SF in banning bottled water. We have a lot of water and the quality of bottled water standards is low. Selling bottled water is an irresponsible practice. We should instead sell thermoses.

Selling thermoses instead of bottled water is less profitable for corporations but it is cleaner and more efficient for our economy and society.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The business model would have us slide into an economic fascism. The millwork of the 1880's is a natural model of a businessman's maximum efficiency and most profitable system. It was only broken by the responses to the disgusting conditions the mills set upon mankind, causing them to think frequently and form unions, journalistic muckraking, and government anti-trust actions and support of unions.

Today we have corporate control of journalism, relative control of organization, control of government, and a sweatshop system that is as horrific, but far removed from the consciousness of those able to help and exact this control.

We as Americans, representatives to the world, need to investigate the way those in other areas live and ensure with the resources we have that what happens to them is what we would want happening to us.

Corporations are ramping up their efforts to create a businessman's paradise of low paid workers and high profits. Will they provide for the world with their industries? No, they will provide for the highest bidder. That flaw keeps their world from being a true paradise. Those who cannot afford the good to make quality living are priced out of the market that provides everything.

Money is not our only goal.

I am glad to give you tools to use.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

According to records the union are shutting down America's West Coast ports on May 1. We will be doomed financially at that point. This is an intentional up-ramping of economic assault onto the place.

This union event may be a new twist on the anti-war movement, which has been producing political and fiscal capital for state groups. They may be hijacking it to serve their own purposes. This will be a major economic downturn, and a good opportunity for a global Corporate Coup.

See They planned it in 1933, and they are planning it again for 2008/9 and 2012, using the latest technology, and public relations equipment and tricks, the world's biggest militaries, their massive wealth in all nations, new religions to themselves, and a series of other things. The militaries and the states will be fighting we the people, for the resources of our money and labor and adoration.

Know this now, and dismantle them.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

There is a moral and ethical dilemna about bankruptcy. Sometimes it can make you some money, maybe thousands of dollars. But it is arguably unethical.

It is merely as unethical as banks charging large fees for you to access your own money, or corporations manipulating the market in ways that will benefit them and soak consumers. Or a corporation shirking on their product quality for the same reasons.

Bankruptcy is a choice that may damage creditors, but I witness creditors doing the same things continually and calling it a market.

[this may be a +/- effect, which will be broken. just because it's magnetic is no intelligent reason to do anything. by law.]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is Barack Obama a continued part of the intentional economic collapse of America prior to WW3? His and their economic plans are *empty*. They have nothing to improve our economy except cranking the government more with either war or spending cuts. They obviously want America far deep in debt. Perhaps it *is* bankers worldwide, seeking control of trillions of dollars to enhance their empires before America or world humanity.
by John Kirby
Common Dreams org

Friday, February 01, 2008

There are some wealthy magnates out there who hope to cripple the US Dollar while chalking up massive debts with it, in order to collapse it and begin the new North American Union with its new currency 'the Amero', which will be unhinged to the dollar. They will give themselves a very favorable trade ratio wit the Dollar, or abandon America's old debts to China and foreign powers or banks, or replace them with inside deals.

These events will take place sometime between now and 2012, more probably during the depression that is approaching, and after the election, which has seemingly been swung as probable to a corporatist contendor.

Can depression be staved off until the vote? Probably... not. Serious economic downturns will be experienced or known before then.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I recently read that 2 out of every 3 tax dollars goes to the military. This means that we spend about $700 billion every year on war. If we reduced that to a normal amount we would have a balanced budget.

Beyond this, we can end the drug war, which costs us around $50 billion annually, and simultaneously reduce our prison population by perhaps 1 million, and pick up an agricultural industry worth billions in new jobs and profits.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Once upon a time I said that George Bush would get us into a really big mess over in Iran or someplace, and I would not have his back.

Well, he's getting us into a really big mess fiscally in the world, and I will not have his back there either.

I don't rely on you, Bush, for my economic productivity. We make hay right here in town, and we have the skills to make more. The Constitution and the Courts say we do not have to pay taxes on income.

The American Federal Reserve and Central Bank and White House's economic decisions are grossly poor in nature and have bankrupted us as a nation. We as Americans need to reject their economic conditions and restore our financial power to the people.

The state giving huge payouts to corporations on the American people's dime and spending trillions on unwanted foreign wars, allowing corporations to organize against us in their illegitimate deregulation, that was one thing we fought to be free from in the Revolutionary War. The other was an aggressive and intrusive state harassing individuals.
Instead of being forced to work the stock market and move money in lateral moves everywhere, we should produce energy systems that draw upon astronomical and infinite sources of power, rather than enhancing 'merchantship' by requiring such trade.

The concept of merchantship is the secondary benefits of the Crusades of extending trade lines to the Middle East and India and China. This process can be replaced by intelligent citizen organization.

I strongly advocate building solar arrays and geothermal boreholes in earth, tidal energy sources, examining the alchemical possibilities and suppressed technologies.

I want a report on advanced technologies by the government and by individual scientific groups. We've shown that cosmic radiation can be entrained into electrons as easily and more energetically than solar panels do. this is a great source of energy. We've shown through Nikola Tesla that we can field energy out into the community from towers rather than run radioactive powerlines everywhere.

Geothermal boreholes will release heat energy from the earth which we can use for homes instead of oil and for electricity. A mile deep hole that is probably 40' wide wide should be effective. We can build these using our oil drilling machines instead of digging for oil. Or core sampling machines.

This would reduce the need for limiting economics. Astronomical apparatus waste such huge supplies of energy all the time into space by buoyant fusion, only to be torn apart by black holes. Can we pare elements down into small molecules? Perhaps break iron into two smaller atoms instead of fission of unstable materials? We could do this using alchemical waves and extract profit, for it to be fused again later in a sun, or maybe a lab.

This would be a better procedure than the current exploitative and controlling system we run under now. The system we have is not just 'profitable' and sustaining, it is designed not to be most economical, but has a -11q of being controlling. This being broken is the greatest economic and freedom orienting achievement of this year.

[there is no correlation between us 'losing' and satan 'winning'. unless us losing gives $ to God, and God gives $ to Satan. that is a -11. We have 12. Boxcar canyon the entire macroprocedure.

God and Satan and man are in this kind of 3-way stock trading scenario, but it is grounded in nothing, and is a plague on top of our human economies.

God is not the master of my Z. I am. god cannot know my Z, nor whether I am pursuing it. Because of the proof of concept of the death of god the other day, the entire mechanism is destroyed. That serving 12.

This is like the difference in currencies between the USD?EUR, USD/JPY, and the JPY/EUR. there is a correlation between the currencies, but they do not measure the whole. you cannot defeat a world depression or get rich in a sustainable way from that triplicate. It is not production. It is laborless profit. It is inflationary. This is what God does all the time, and the difference in spirit between field shifting and field production. Field shifting in triplicate is Satan's way and God's way. Our way is production.

Does the triangle association of economies produce anything?

no. it is merchantship. merchantship does not make anything. the knowledge and the culture that it produces does. we can produce that without labor. let us. we should build our economies to support this, rather than control it.

all these errors are -3's. they are fake lambda cores. they need to all be opened and split. they have been triangulated currently. I expect that every atom basically is a boxcar canyon working on a 3-level. that is how geometry works, and how 2p and >Z happens.

fake lambda cores are useless and non-Z closed 10's. They are fake secrets. respect for those secrets is an exploit. we're seeing this now in America and our economy. someone has these things in a way that is profitable to them, and they are milking the population dry.

Wow palestinians flood into Egypt after blowing holes in walls. Maybe they should work on those procedures instead of attacking Israelis. They should just blow up the walls instead of the soldiers. That would be a peaceful alternative.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Today is the first day of the NYSE's operation after the big down closes of Asian and European markets on Monday and last week. The US markets are expected to follow suit and nothing says that they won't. Bush unveiled a new tax cut program which is asinine considering the woeful state of the American economy.

Attention has been paid to our large national debt and budget, and the practices of our Federal Reserve, and they are called 'problems'. Maybe they can be less of a serious problem before this event.

The dollar has been sinking lower against most other countries, after correcting Canada to the USD before having sunk to 0.90/CAN.

The president is to be seen accurately by the public as the rally-master with the whip, while the real rulers are big money heads, bankers, and their associated generals. As money began to seriously reign after the Great Depression and WW2 restoring and flooding our economy after a long and difficult war, producing a condition just right for making the babies, the military industrial complex came into being, showing the military's subservience to and new corner office in the American and later global economy.

I expect US stocks to be down ~600 points today, at this fractal tree condition, and probably not be frozen by the central bank.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It appears that the RIAA and most recording companies should be disbanded and replaced by studios contracting to bands and marketing teams. Bands should raise money through venue touring. The venues and the bands both should organize tours and give partial proceeds to successful bands.

This is a good way to dodge the profit losses from the music industry. Get out and reformulate.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I think gold is a good standard. The state cannot be trusted with the fiatness of the currency system. Value should be based on labor and commodity for honesty, not on the level of printing. Devaluation of private reserves is a risk of fiat currency, especially of those who have very little. They can at least gather gold.

The gold standard could potentially be adjusted intelligently rather than paper money systems. They could say that we're going to try to increase the value of gold, and begin paying more for gold. Then the gold would still be the rock, and they would adjust the competing paper trades in relation to gold. A dollar is worth one unit of gold, where a unit is a set amount which can be changed, but which does not float.

Negotiating financial difficulties should not be done with paper. That is like looking away to stop an attacker. If they're earnest they will kill you, but if they care they might change their ways. Try it.

We should instead change our level of industrial or commercial readiness than print more or less money. Maybe change an interest rate. But changing the amount of money we print is probably not going to work.

End of dense information.

For those who are tricked by the simple: let's say there's only enough gold for everyone to have one pound of it. This does not limit the ability of gold to be a value marker. We could substitute it for lead slugs, of which there are plenty. The $/ounce ratio is the only thing that changes. Make it $/grain if you like, the important thing is that the price is reasonably set. Quantity of gold is a hollow argument.


"The second reason is that when the government inflates the money supply they are really taxing the public in a truly pernicious and largely invisible way. I hate it when the government can tax the public without standing up and saying, "Hey, we're taking the money." It is an abdication of the responsibility to justify government policy to the public."

This is why the Federal Reserve is the circumvention of representation.

It is also an unapportioned direct tax. The Federal Reserve is taxation without representation and a violation of the Constitution.

Ayn Rand

"To trade by means of money is the code of the men of good will. Money rests on the axiom that every man is the owner of his mind and his effort. Money allows no power to prescribe the value of your effort except the voluntary choice of the man who is willing to trade you his effort in return. Money permits you to obtain for your goods and your labor that which they are worth to the men who buy them, but no more."

Money cannot accurately describe $. Its loopholes will choke us all until bypassed.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Retirement Finance

Many workers contribute money to retirement funds. Some have maxed out their contributions at $2000 to $4000 monthly into these funds.

This is unwise if you consider the economic climate we are currently experiencing. All of these investments are made in USD, which has fallen 45% in value since 2000. From 2000-2007 your retirement fund has depreciated 45% in value. Have you added 45% of its total worth to the fund in those 7 years? During those years, a growth rate of 6.4% is unlikely. Such growth is required merely to maintain the value of your retirement without adding to it.

Even if your company matches the money you put into your account you have only made $5%. If you had invested in gold from 2000 to 2007 you would have made and kept money value as the price of gold appreciated and also spared yourself from dollar inflation.

Let's say the price of the dollar depreciates by 30% from 2007 to 2010. Your retirement savings could be slashed by such a loss. If you invested in gold your resources would remain roughly the same. In such an environment the price of gold is also likely to rise, earning you wealth.

If you have $10,000 a year to invest in your retirement and you sent them to a retirement earning a hearty 4%, you would begin with 2008 at 10,400, minus 10% = $9,360[2008 dollars]. Add another $10,000 in 2009. 19360 + 4% = $20134. 10% inflation leaves you $18,120[2008]. You should be ahead money. In 2010 you contribute what looks like another $10,000, which are worth 81% of 2008 dollars. $28,120 + 4% = $29244. 10% inflation gives you $26,320 [USD2008].

So even after 3 years of earning 4% in your retirement fund, you've turned $30,000 into $26,320. If you had bought gold instead with those $30,000, you would have at least still $30,000, and more if gold appreciates in value during that time. London increased the estimated price of gold by above 10% for 2008 and 2009.

Tax incentives can be overlooked on normal wages, as the 16th amendment and the USSC state in numerous court cases that wages are not 'income', and the income tax is a direct unapportioned tax, which is unConstitutional. You do not need to pay income tax unless you run a business or are financially wealthy. Withdrawing money from funds you have paid into may invoke penalties described in the contract. You should be able to withdraw money from funds that are 'tax exempt' or sheltered because you don't need to pay income tax, or some may invoke penalties.

Morgan Stanley has issued a warning of recession. Alan Greenspan gave a 50% chance of a dollar crisis within the next 3-5 years about 2 years ago. The ex-CFO of the World Bank predicted a 60% chance of financial crisis within the next 2 years about 2 years ago. These predictions should be cited below. A major trading company working with the USG predicted zero market liquidity within 12-24 months beginning in Fall 2007, when the credit crisis appeared. The Federal Reserve and European banks printed some $62 billion of new money to put into the failing system, causing massive inflation. China has collected $1.4 trillion in dollars and has made plans to sell a majority of them. We are on top of a housing crisis, a dollar value crisis, and a credit crisis. We have a net loss of some $500 billion annually, on top of new expenditures in Iraq topping $2 trillion. We have a national debt of ~$9 trillion dollars, and just recently extended our credit limit from the previous ~$8.7 trillion to $9.8 trillion, which we are set to surpass before FY2009. We are looking at a rising cost of living, even if inflation were 0%, as health insurance, food, and fuel costs rise. British studies say peak oil was in 2006 and that oil availability will decline by 7% annually until the end of natural oil. A recession may be planned to coincide with this fuel use and growth scenario to extend the era of oil and energy control.

Dollar inflation is a serious risk because of our administration's financial practices. If this economic situation implodes we could lose the dollar. Forget inflation. We rely on global finance and economic networks to trade in dollars for much of our profit and supporting dollar value. Housing values might plummet as well. Those investing in real estate might find the value of their home dramatically downgraded. Investment properties could become a risky investment if made in terms of dollar value over time.

The money you have now could be soaked up and worn down by these economic disasters, forcing you to extend your employment or live in poverty. Gold and other precious metals will not depreciate in value during these disasters. You can invest in gold and other durable resources today to avoid disaster. Even dry goods will remain useful if you do not save for retirement or are not close to or planning on retiring. If you are already a pensioner, it may be worthwhile to stockpile some goods or keep your investments in more secure durabilities.

As our economy is eroding, so is our state. Enhance your knowledge of civil liberties and good culture. Enhance your social connections to help you and your community in the event of a crisis.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I will not be trading in ameros. I do not accept responsibility for the irresponsible actions of those organizing the printing and spending of dollars. By being in this economy and trading in dollars, or ameros, I am helping support their strength and misuse.

Please do what you can to reduce dollar use. Surprisingly, using paper money and not credit is one of the better ways to reduce dollar use. Every dollar you put into the bank produces about $100 of credit for other individuals. Every dollar you owe also makes about 100 new dollars of credit to be lent as well.


The end of Free Speech in America has arrived at our doorstep. It's a new law called the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, and it is worded in a clever way that could allow the U.S. government to arrest and incarcerate any individual who speaks out against the Bush Administration, the war on Iraq, the Department of Homeland Security or any government agency (including the FDA). The law has already passed the House on a traitorous vote of 405 to 6, and it is now being considered in the Senate where a vote is imminent. All over the internet, intelligent people who care about freedom are speaking out against this extremely dangerous law: Philip Giraldi at the Huffington Post, Declan McCullagh at CNET's, Kathryn Smith at, and of course Alex Jones at

Oil has fallen to around $90 per barrel, but Hugo Chavez has said if the US doesn't stop effing with Venezuela, as shown in Operation Pliers, he will halt the 15% of our oil that comes from his country. This would make peak oil today. We have manipulated his elections, tried to kill him, and plotted coups to overthrow his government. We have operations of this sort in every country with valuable resources or manipulatable leaders.

I advise retirees to examine their financial vehicles. It is very probable that income taxation will end in 2009. It may be wise to remove savings now and place them in secure areas, as the dollar is collapsing and you probably won't have to pay tax on them or be audited until income taxes are eliminated. If you are audited, men and women from Louisianna and Nevada have been acquitted of income tax evasion and still do not pay income taxes. Ex-IRS agents have not paid taxes for years and years and don't plan to, because they have seen that there is no law saying they should or can.

House Bill S1959 might have me arrested for writing this kind of downturn-warning economic news and other news. This is protected by natural law, my first and fourth amendment, and by the fact that no warrant could reasonably be issued to investigate me based on these statements or any others I have made in my life. I am a non-violent man. House Bill S1959 would give far greater leverage to the enforcers of law to charge arrest investigate and do with as they please outside the law. It passed the house recently with a ~400-6 vote. Call your senators to ban it at Ron Paul doubtless voted against it.

Who else voted against S1959?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ron Paul is incorruptable

"Political Opinions: How did that relate to Ron Paul?

AB SMITH: With him, I could send millions to his pocket, and if he intended to vote against my wishes, that money wouldn’t matter… he would still vote against my wishes. He’s a big problem if he ever made it into office.. thank God it looks like he won’t… not because I don’t like the man as an American.. it’s just that he would make my job hard."

This is what i proposed, and propose now for every politician, to beat corruption. Hard.

Ron Paul is the man, and this is one more reason that he will be our president.

Taxes and Ron Paul

Federal Income Taxes are Illegal, according to our Constitution. A fiscal democracy is not present in America. The military should be there next to the Salvation Army with the red pot.

Instead of paying your income taxes to the US government, you may want to spend them on electing Ron Paul for president in 2008. Since individuals from Shreveport, Louisianna, and 150+ charges in Nevada for Federal Income Tax Evasion were dropped without payment, you will probably not be arrested or charged for income tax evasion unless you have very high income, such as beyond normal means, or if you own a successful business. If you don't, you might want to disregard hedging your investment, and donate some 15%, 28%, or 39% of your income that would be wasted on income taxes to Ron Paul.

When elected, Ron Paul would eliminate the IRS. Your illegitimate tax obligations would be removed from you anyway, and currently they have been found to be unconstitutional in trials. Numerous ex-IRS agents have quit paying taxes because they cannot find the law that mandates it. Join them, and join Ron Paul.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Russia and America, Oil and Dollar

Russia and America, Oil and Dollar
Co-Posted in

I am seeing some possibilities. They are nothing more than possibilities at this point. Although they have been speculated upon to modest degrees they are injustice.

America took Iraq. They took Afghanistan. Now America has been planning to invade Iran. While internationally weighing the wargames of this scenario and the industrial peak oil consequences of such a disaster, Russia announced that an invasion of Iran would be seen as an invasion of Russia. This has stalled American efforts at an Iranian invasion and complicated an American/Israeli/Saudi oil monopoly.

Americans may have been counting on using this potential monopoly or political capital from terrorism and war to leverage key military, financial, and industrial circumstances in future engagements which will not either not happen or happen much later, or a slight chance of soon but more dreadfully. It is more probable now that Russia and China will come into swing on the middle eastern and Indian/Pakistani topics and into the world economic and industrial and resource oriented scene.

Similarly, all three major players and Europe will be experiencing a massive cultural and political revolution regarding libertarianism as China falls to a social revolution sometime in 2008 or 2009, and Russian president Vladimir Putin faces a Russian Constitutional crisis in 2008, and America experiences the Ron Paul revolution into 2008 and other media projects, and Europe works with Islamists and sustainability through the decade.

Financial crises seem inevitable. The American dollar will crumble and collapse as it has been abused **in preparation for the Amero to replace it**. Get on the stick, CIA.

This should roughly coincide with a world oil crisis as peak oil comes to pass. New Brazilian crude could lighten the disaster, but will not nearly prevent it. Ron Paul and Alaskan and other energy infusions will come too late, but aid after the disaster hits, pinpointed perhaps 4-10 months from now, in time for the 2008 elections.

Russia has allegedly been working politically in the Middle Eastern regions to strengthen their position in respect to a potential Iranian invasion, particularly in Georgia and Jordan. China appears to be enhancing their hegemonic tendencies while softening to a revolution that could engulf the region.

China has collected even more dollar notes, rising the total to $1.45 trillion, up from 1.3 trillion shortly beforehand, and that up from 900 billion seemingly 6 months ago. The USD has fallen against the CAN and world currencies and oil and gold, and London revised upwards their futures estimates for gold for 2008 and 2009.

An oil shortage would be disastrous for humanity. Some 60% of our oil is used for agriculture, and our food reserves have dropped what appears to be 6 out of the past 7 years since 1999. Oil supply is tighter than any time other than 1980 and 1973, and oil prices have reached record highs at some $97 a barrel, up from $20 a barrel back when we had a meaningful food surplus. This price may be artificially inflated due to dollar weakness.

A war in Iran would be disastrous for humanity. It would precipitate an immediate oil shortfall of millions of daily barrels and war between America and Israel, and Iran and Russia, with China ringside leaning communist.

What is Japan doing in the meantime?


Leave Iraq
Impeach Dick Cheney and George Bush
Reopen 9/11 Commission in light of NIST and other evidence
Investigate the 1000 most powerful humans and their conspiracies
Ban AIPAC from America
Secure non-oil energy supplies and farming
Elect Ron Paul president
Expose corporate media
Train Americans in non-violent revolution and civil action
Other secondary goals.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

World Resources

China could consume like Americans, although the world doesn't have the resources to do it, if they use alchemy and efficient scientific systems. So could other 3rd world countries.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Markets Unresponsive/ble

Note that having recommended gold to my financial patients, the London Exchange upgraded their expectations for gold values in 2008 and 2009 by a over 10%. Patients who switched made tidy profits.

Why are markets not responding to the rise in the price of oil? Despite $93/barrel oil, risky supply chains, peaking production, and consumer clamoring for different and clean fuel,


is keeping us chained to oil.

X could be many things. Even two things at once. Heavy oil infrastructure totalling billions-on-trillions of dollars in refineries, motor plants, stations, service, technical jobs, as well as tens of trillions of dollars [<- weighty... like a weight around the ankles near the noose] in oil fields worldwide.

X could be corruption of existing sticky market systems. Where there is lots of money and not much light, there is probably disorder.

X could be the control that oil and owning oil gives over the world. Controlling oil pipelines and fields keeps some tabs on the production capabilities of the world, ensuring that Egypt or Australia don't begin producing megacheap cars that crash Chevrolet [again] or Ford. Keeping tabs on oil is like roughly by volume like keeping tabs on nuclear power plants. We also seem to get money from every oil trade done in dollars. Petrodollars they call them. This could be 15%-45% of the reason we trade in oil worldwide.

X coulds be the costs of the alternative technologies. The control we get from oil is 50% of the risk reduction. The other ~50% would be lack of the energy chaos that could excite itself from better energy sources. Egypt or Australia could do mostly anything with that much free energy, and our big slow companies believe they could not compete with that, even though they'd likely have first crack, owning the patents.

Is this control system ethical? No. It causes millions of deaths every year, contributes grossly to pollution, and is on a shortening trigger that could seriously kill billions of people. Can it be done economically? Briefly.

What would happen if we switched, if the Bilderburgs switched [we already have] from an oil economy?

It would run like this:

The only seriously viable energy sources outside of oil are infinitely awesome. The Z-machine is the next best choice, because it costs so much. Money is control. Z could produce lots of cheap and fairly clean energy, and we could then do e-cars or something, but it's still $40B+ per plant. Whereas alchemical reactions inside a water splitter are a few hundred bucks. That wouldn't control a Chinaman.

Hydrogen that needs to be stored isn't so great because that makes Hindenburgs. But hydrogen on the spot is grunderful. Stored hydrogen isn't on anybody's list. Except the Archduke.

So if GM announced they were releasing energy technologies tantamount to cheap free energy for anybody basically anywhere, they would be effecting their own primary dismantling, first by losing the value of their oil energy shares, second by losing the best part of the market entry cost of their industry, which they rely on to keep out the riffraff, like this guy. He would use you like *floss*, GM... Unless you floss first.

This is still the announcement. The technology would immediately be duplicated by every supplicant country we own. They would cast off our oily shackles and become far more self sufficient. The only thing they would not have they need to be free from the others' control is technological laboratories and factories, and infrastructure, and the sheer labor required to do it. The good world would probably catch up to us in quality of living and maybe in something like economic production in one decade.

You forget, though, that everything they experience and invent will be ours too.

The division between mankind, primarily caused by terms of space and distance and locality and ownership, will be dissolved more completely by the world of ideas. So many fewer limitations will keep us apart and different. This will make us closer brothers and friends.

The post-oil world will be different. So much more will be possible. That is risk that many out there do not want. Yes, someone will probably organize a death-ray army and try to conquer the world, but even if they win briefly the good folk will a) find out and b) come back and crush them silly.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When a company makes bad products, it raises the cost of all products. Seeing a piece of trash on a shelf or in a commercial is a strain on our economy and on the companies who must offer these products and try to sell them to recoup their expenses. Furthermore, they must raise the prices of the products that they sell successfully to make up for the losses in bad products.

A single poorly designed car could cost a car company hundreds of millions of dollars, even if they only make a few hundred thousand models. that cost would be shared among all bottom lines, and in the market-wide competition/market price allowed for other companies.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Minds of Rich People

Are rich people always fair? Do they consider other people? Why do they collect wealth? a fiscal arrangement of ownership is not more important than the safety and well being of decent people. This relates closely to the standard of living, quality of life, and level of opportunity in the social environment. Often the mechanisms of wealth complicate the fairness and opportunity of the whole. Others who may deserve it could potentially be doing better in an environment of shortage if the individual conserves their level of luxury. Responsibility is not always wealth. Wealth is always responsibility. Being rich involves being very responsible. Not all rich people are responsible with their money. They often merely focus on gaining more money, rather than using their money in responsible ways. This is present in numerous rich individuals who are very skilled at becoming richer. This harms many people.

Lifereboot Economic Model

This article highlights some flaws of a supercompetetive system.

"The above graph represents the relationship that existed between the amount of work I was doing on the job and my income while working there. Since I earned salary, my income was constant. Since I am proactive by nature, I took on additional projects outside of my job description. The result? Being taken advantage of by my employer for two years.

Now, this wasn’t my employer’s fault — we just weren’t the best match for each other. The job was definitely more suited for someone that would take the “do the least amount of work possible without getting fired” approach. Consequently, my “go getter” approach didn’t fit in."

Contractual labor that provides the same kind of support that a 'normal' long term company job would provide seems wise. Individuals skilled in their field of study can contract with any company they like on any term basis, both worker and company choosing applicants from pools.

Santa Claus Machine

This machine can be used to build products from electronics to cars. By building a machine to do this with forged metals, perhaps by using a heated applicator on a mechanized arm, we can achieve amazing results. Or we can use special sealants or heat treatments on components for combustion or temperature products.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mike Gravel?

Some candidates oppose illegal immigration, but want them to use Social Security while they are here illegally. This is an obvious scam to get them to contribute the SS without ever being able to collect from it.

To reduce illegal immigration we should remove the NAFTA and CAFTA programs and the WTO, World Bank and International Monetary Fund and rewrite the farm bill and end the war on drugs and promote a scientific solution to the world's energy crisis. That will level the playing field. Building a wall is like making a dam in a river without providing a meaningful way through nor a lake. It will burst and be overflown.

We should also leave Iraq and not invade Iran. We should ban the Real ID act, end the NAU, step out of the UN and eliminate the IRS and Federal Reserve.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Greater Than Economic Equality

See notes on number theory regarding economic level systems. 5- action 6- review 7- justice, correction 8- equality, 9- mind 10- existence

Currently we operate in an "8th level" economic system. It is basically open market, anyone can buy anything for any reason, as long as they have receipts for labor aka money. Reciprocation and equality, and this can be fine in an infinite system, as infinity is also "8" This is also tainted with '7-justice' economic system symptoms, such as drug and weapon laws, and an element of tax redistribution tainted with the -1 of theft/corruption/usury.

A 9-based economic system, the next level, is intelligent economics, and to receive economic support for intelligent reasons rather than universally exchangeable reasons. an organization of individuals using money and labor together for the purpose of their choosing, or anyone participating in any desired organized group activity for a goal using their money is an example of a successful 9th level economic system.

Currently we experience economic chaos, with excessive competition and 8>9 mind conquering economics, putting the mind to work for infinity rather than love. Money can be anything. Do you want to labor to make infinite anythings, or what you want?

In 9 we all make what we want, and pursue our dreams and desires for a world. Organizations rock based not on budgets or competition, but on sustainability, justice, and the mental faculty of the piece of equipment or tool. This is why people buy things, anyway, to sustain themselves, for justice, or a mental faculty. No other reason.
Insurance, not bombs.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Considering the incredible and nearly unprecedented level of market risk at this point in history, it is almost rude to find investment diversification programs and retirement Roth IRA schemes.

This is run by Forbes, a NWO company.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


THE telephones have been running hot between central bank governors but there has been no co-ordinated effort to bring the global liquidity squeeze under control.

Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens said yesterday he had held discussions with several of his foreign counterparts over the past week to see what was going on.

"But there isn't any co-ordinated activity that I'm aware of that is going on among the central banks," he said.

"There is just routine information sharing."

Testifying before the House of Representatives Economics Committee, he said central banks in the Asia-Pacific region were in contact on a daily basis and this had been taking place "with more intensity than normal".


It seems that the Federal Reserve's willingness to pump in/lend money is a deviation from market, and propping up a seemingly dangerous loan. However, the authority to print money at their leisure comes from them, illegitimately, while the labor is 'ours'. This seems to mean that they set the price of our labor, and decide whom to loan money to. They have the responsibility of managing the system to maintain itself, but they choose how and for whom it profits, and if they choose, when to replace or end this system. These are our liberties.

I'd rather see a tightening than a hemorraghing. And more than that, I'd rather see market strength and justice.

This, also, is quite clearly the reduction in liquidity that Carlyle Group was discussing.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Carlyle Group, the Amero, and Energy Policy

You may recall Carlyle Group's memo issued in Fall 2006 saying that the market is expected to have liquidity for an additional 12-24 months. Currently, we are approaching the 12-month open window. The window will be closed not later than Fall 2008. The CEO of every major company on earth is aware of these figures and this memo.

On the opening of this window, we are experiencing large inflation figures, Federal Reserve cash infusions to the tune of $62 billion in one event, and a national credit crisis pertaining to mortgages.

What factors might influence the closing of this window, and what does its closure mean? Knowing these things we can drop any fear about the crisis and begin becoming prepared.

The event being described in this memo is a global economic collapse. The dollar's value will plummet. Our nation's debts will become unpayable and the Federal Reserve will likely print excess money to pay for our debts without tethering the large infusions necessary to value, labor, or resources. The world will likely be experiencing a fuel oil crisis. Combined with a lack of meaningful currency, this will make fuel out of the price range of the average citizen and make corporate profit difficult except for those associated with certain trading groups, which will likely use a new currency backed by oil reserves, such as the new "Amero". The Amero will also likely be associated with RFID/Real ID electronic trading accounts.

This terrible economic condition will last so long as our energy comes from oil. We could combat this scenario by using gold and labor based reserves and currencies, and by using salt water power instead of oil in our engines and homes. This will form a counter-currency to replace the doomed Amero and dollar, and the cultures associated with them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

DOW vs inflation

According to our inflation figures, our dow high of 14000 is only worth 7700 dow jones points from Y2K.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Reserve to Print More Money

The federal reserve says that it will not allow the market to grind without excess capital. This is functionally saying that they will continue to provide loans even if the credit rating sinks extremely low and inflation becomes high. This is not a consolation to a secondary condition of a market without substantial reserves. The overwatered market will drown and the dry market will merely chafe and provide more technological motivation. A medium between these two might be possible, but it will be tempting to print more money to solve the problems in the short run.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Free Market, Libertarianism, Friedman, Kanzius

I could appreciate the free market works of Milton Friedman and Ludwig von Mises more if they accounted for the non-free market effects of megacorporations and the Federal Reserve. I believe these two types of organizations work strongly to undermine the free market.

Furthermore, I would like to know their stance on John Kanzius' salt water burning radio device. It seems to eliminate the concept of energy shortage and radically change the realities of industrial economics. We need new laws and theories for those economic conditions.

What if you could produce electricity and heat without a margin? How would this affect the costs of industry, or would it make economics simply more 'airlike', presuming that we don't have to pay for uncompressed breathable air.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I have heard people advised to use Roth Conversion IRAs, which involve paying taxes now rather than later.

This is a fool's choice, because of the upcoming IRS revolution. We will probably not be paying income taxes by 2010. You might want to allow your IRA to lay as it sits, and cash it out without paying taxes either now or then instead of now only.

Also, your retirement is going to be rocky fiscally, because of the gross economic disruptions pending this year and next. Putting away money elsewhere and hoping it grows to beat inflation and economic loss is a far second place to gold in a safe and a rifle, pistol and dry goods. You'll need those. You won't need so much cash, nor be able to use it as well.
According to the radio, the market is down 5% this week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What will happen when peak oil strikes and these various war methods are effected?

It seems that a portion of the population will begin working towards a sustainable economic and social environment, and another portion will work with the state or major organizations to compete for the remaining oil supplies. Fortunately, there is a large wealth of extremely exuberant energy technologies in the hands of ExxonMobil and other energy companies, and new energy technologies have been invented and remain in public space where they can be used in civil applications.

This will be an event chain likely to coincide with the 2008 presidential elections, around when numerous forecasted "pullable" economic failures will come to a head, and a probable break of continuity is expected in the American system of authority and leadership. If all goes well, this will be under Ron Paul.

Before this time, an impeachment may occur, or legislative cases regarding Osama bin Laden or other executive fraud, or appropriate technology may become widely known, or another major intervention or massive act of false flag terrorism, or we may invade Iran, precipitating economic meltdown. This would force a Constitutional crisis amid economic meltdown, as the 2008 election is expected to do the same, but amid a scheme to take over control of the public's rights and authority by a fascist state or corporate state.

Heavy Sustainability

It is important to the American and world economy that sustainable industrial and commercial private practices begin. We are about to face an economic disaster the like of which the world has never seen.

Documents from Carlyle Group say that the market will have liquidity for 12-24 months, reported in spring 2007. This means that between spring 2008 and spring 2009, the world's financial resources will dry up almost completely, leaving little more than infrastructure for economics to work with. This is "The Grinding Halt". Alan Greenspan predicted an American dollar collapse at 60% within 3-5 years, reported in 2006. This translates to 2009-2011. The ex financial officer of the World Bank predicted a worldwide economic downturn at 70% within 3 years in 2007. That comes to before 2010. We are also expected to begin the age of peak oil in about driving season "2007/2008", reported in 2005. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela said that the age of cheap oil was over in 2006. Market consequences are expected to arrive within 18 months after that period. All of these events are slated to occur in the same 3 month period, and more than likely, the same 10 day period.

The dollar has been collapsing in value since 2000. From 2000 to 2005, the dollar lost 35% of its value. On July 24, 2007, the USD sank below the Canadian dollar, trading at 1USD/1.04CAN. Every indicator regarding middle class and lower class income has fallen substantially and with high consistency since 2000AD. Labor density in America has fallen substantially.

We sold off our manufacturing base in the 1990's and 2000's especially, exporting jobs that would otherwise support Americans. Illegal immigrants are not the largest source of job competition, it is politicians, followed closely by robotics.

College tuition costs have risen multiple times faster than inflation for more than a decade. The percentage of American jobs requiring a college degree has also increased dramatically. College coursework and educational achievement levels have decreased. Most colleges now offer remedial writing, for example. Funding for education and healthcare have forced hospitals and schools to cut their staff and course offerings while increasing class sizes.

We borrow a majority of our money from China, who holds some $950 Billion in cash. They have announced that they will substantially reduce their holdings of US Dollars.

Americans today face the worst job market since the Great Depression. The fiscal divide between rich and poor has not been greater since the 1920's/1890's. Quality of living in America has decreased.

We have the amazing fiscal burdens of two major wars in the Middle East which continue to be waged, costing hundreds of billions of dollars, with an estimated 700-800 billion dollars reserved to be spent in those arenas. A heavily promoted war with Iran in the upcoming months would totally bankrupt the USA, begin the onset of global peak oil, causing the crash of every major national market except Saudi Arabia and certain other oil producing economies, and trigger 6-12 major wars for resources, likely turning into one major world war over oil. This would also likely cause a global food shortage as shipping food any substantial distance would become unprofitable and growing it would require more oil than is financially available.

This is a fiscally unthinkable time for an average American to start a family unless they have an indispensable technical degree or technical knowledge required to build a free energy machine, or a military allegiance.

An Ex-CIA has said that 2007 is to be the year when 'all cards are laid on the table'.

Who would be allowing or exacerbating this series of serious economic disasters? Their consequences will likely be the cause of ~2-3 billion deaths from starvation and wars. There is no way to shield 'America' from the consequences of these fiscal actions. There will be massive and major American cultural and personal destruction as a direct result.

See data on Smedley Butler. Search for data on the Georgia Guidestones.

Now is the best time to move any financial capital you have, and convert it into accessible actuated assets.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Urban environments

3rd world cities are environments of exploitation. They have high populations because of the poverty of the surrounding countryside and the presence of numerous people and jobs in the city. However, all but the upper controlling crust of the rolling displacement free jobs are at depressed wages in an overcompetetive environment to suck in and trap users into poverty.

Tell me about your anarcho-capitalism, libertarian economies, and sustainable free energy systems. How could you live without the support of any company larger than 4,000 humans?

Dubai will not be running their economy on oil within 40 years.

USD < CAN. July 24, 2007.

Hitler = $

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

instead of offering aid, change the system.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

One of the things I am most concerned about Ron Paul is the conspiracy and control of corproations. They seem to have infiltrates the state and organized to control the major resources and economies of the world. How would Ron Paul prevent companies from illegally affecting the market? A conspiracy or anti-trust law?

Ron Paul's Economics

Ron Paul, under your economics, we would eliminate the IRS and state bureaucracy. This will leave more money and control to private individuals.

Eliminating the income tax will enhance the wealth of the average citizen. I would enjoy another 15-37% of my income. This will produce a greater quantity of income available for commercial and industrial growth.

Reducing government spending in a tight economy, the state will print less money and begin to balance itself fiscally. This will reduce the inflation tax, which is about 7-10% annually.

By returning to the gold/asset standard our currency will become well backed. Currently they are unhinged and privately owned and we're 'sloshing'.

By not going to wars around the world and reducing our spending on the military industrial complex we can increase labor density, productivity, and value.

The majority of the wealthy pay $0 income tax per years because of their CPA's and loopholes. Eliminating the IRS will have the best returns for the poor and middle class.

In the future, using current technology...

Combine this effect with enhanced robotics platforms, large scale and also widespread small scale nano/robotic industrial systems will build parts cheaply from low grade raw materials anywhere in the world with less skill and human labor required. The productivity per worker and per man-hour will increase by 20-100X [twenty to one hundred times as much productivity].

A market that sees zero point or passive transport energy machines, patents currently owned by ExxonMobil, can replace their energy distribution systems with point-based workshop kits. Thousands of miles of power lines could lay dormant.

A state with workshop-based industrial production, local energy production and consumption, and decentralized currency systems will produce, by today's standards, very rich average citizens, enjoying lots of high technology goods and a society not pressurized by market-driven economics, consumerism, or over-competition.

Ron Paul is the next step in this economic and libertarian revolution. The technology exists and the limiting factors of the time frame for using it are approaching at our doorstep.

Friday, July 06, 2007

How to control humanity or survive without controlling it through taxes and totalitarianism.

The opposite of totalitarianism is libertarianism. You cannot control humanity through totalitarianism in the presence of universal technologies nor freedom. You do not need to, however.

All the conditions humanity needs to survive are available using special technology. Even the open public knowledge of these areas should be sustainable and benefit each seclusion.

A system of complacency is not sufficient for bulk humanity. There are many fruits of humanity that go to waste and do not contribute to improving humanity. There needs to be an induction system into a new semisegregated system utilizing and advancing or spreading this technology and knowledge and freeing these slaves from destruction.

The outside world can handle itself, frankly, and be picked from in positive manners. Because of technology there is no need to harvest wealth from the now poorest regions of earth, nor a need to designate 'capos' as American or first worlders over their branches of society or the greater world as a whole. and receive that technology.

The threats of humanity are minimal. The benefits of advancing enlightened society are grand. Mankind need not be a problem, but can be a positive resource to stratify. Secluded folk seem to not be substantially motivated to induct new individuals or societies because they have no particular need, but to be and recognize goodness.

In short I am vastly disappointed in humanity and recommend solutions be found. We are producing garbage to cover a landfill for no known reason but itself. This should be 'stopped'.

The Largest Companies

AolDisneyTimeWarner contains the following companies:

The WB, CNN, HBO, Cinemax, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, America Online, Mapquest, Moviephone, Netscape , Warner Brothers Pictures, Castle Rock New Line, 1a hunit fifty magazines, atlanta braves baseball team.

Time. Six theme parks. ABC. ESPN yo it ain't for free. 150 Magazines, A and E. Lifetime 72 radio stations and 10 TVs. We got money. Disney Channel. Warner Brothers. Hanna Barbera.

Bellsouth, Verizon, they own it.

DC Comics.

Time Warner and Disney made 75 billion dollars in 2005. GM made two times that much money. Off you.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Ford has no legitimate homosexual agenda. They were being appropriated by purposefully degrading PR. Perhaps their stock levels are being quashed so they can be bought out by a competetor on arrangement, such as ExxonMobil or GM.

This looks a lot like manipulation.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Opec to reduce production if demand falls

Good, this is what we would want. Opec has said it will cut investment in fields if customers become more efficient. This means that a reduced level of demand will be met with a reduced level of production. Good. The article was positioned to be a threat, but the threat is nonexistant.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Anarchocapitalism in my book is when major corporations are largely replaced by small businesses and individual craftsmen. This setting would be augmented by a smaller state-level service core in competition with anarchocapitalism in most markets and providing impartial justice and police systems and oversight of public resources such as airwaves and parks and a national-level service providing contingent condensation points for minute-organization armies in the event of major action, and services covering a very large area, such as interstate highways, macros/internets, and national justice.

This will be made possible by virtually eliminating overhead on business with efficient post-oil energy technologies, and the introduction of advanced prototyping and production machines such as the RepRap. Combined these will allow anyone to install a machine shop in their garage for under $40,000. Internet sales and distribution can be easy with internet salesmanship and webcamming. This will allow many engineers and machinists to beat major corporate productions.

Combine with eliminating the IRS to improve public fiscal ability. Allow private education and new microindustrial potentials to compete with public education and universities for a new labor model. Allow sites like to compete with major banks and financiers and eBay-level daisychain business to overtake major institutions, while providing judicial and agreement security.

This will make a new economy and a freer and more agile society. Labor will shift substantially and qualities of living will improve.

Ending the war on drugs and replacing it with education and social campaigns will be effective and raise values of urban real estate. Changing traffic law enforcement away from speeding tickets and towards road safety will be effective. Policework will shift away from traffic violations for state and local income and drug policy enforcement to solving true violent crimes. New education systems and social and business opportunities should replace a large amount of dereliction and dissatisfaction and get a greater percentage of society participating in their dreams vs compromising.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eliminating the IRS

The best way to distribute wealth fairly is not to change tax codes. We should eliminate taxes, because they favor the rich and harm the poor in their cost of living. We can redistribute wealth more effectively by limiting the excesses of big business and improving technological benefits given to the public and to commerce and industry and promoting labor.

Wooden Car

How much easier and cheaper would it be to build this car if your energy came free from splitting water and you were equipped with a RepRap parts maker? You could design your own engine and body, and throw it together in 600 hours or less instead of the 2000 this man required. It would also likely drop the price of the finished product by 2/3, including savings on public materials.

Since the RepRap and other synthetic building machines replace the need for many conventional tools and allow a better design process, it may reduce the overall cost of equipment.

Nanorobotics by the mid 2010's.

Robot Money

There are no banks in MMORPGs because the money is not real. You in the world who are about to make money as real as a 'credit' need to balance the value of that credit with the unlimited level of material and energy inherent in ExxonMobil technologies of unlimited energy and manless production.

Why would someone 'borrow' money in an MMORPG, where they have no ID and any money they do produce in the game is based on their real money they installed into the system?

The revolution in industry and technology will doubtless be cataclysmic for gamers, as the games will need to reflect a world without the kind of shortage experienced in the past, except for time, which all games have infinite of, but without patience to match, of course.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Living Management

#27 Take mini-retirements. Don't leave the joy of retirement until you are too old to enjoy it. Do it now, while you're young. It makes working that much more worth it. Find ways to take a year off every few years. Save up, sell your home, your possessions, and travel. Live simply, but live, without having to work. Enjoy life, then go back to work and save up enough money to do it again in a couple of years.


This story is in the fiscal section versus tactical because it is pertinent to the commercial sector. Recognizing that the 2nd amendment is a civil right, businesses that violate citizens' and employees civil rights, or fire them for civil service reasons should be reported to the BBB.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul chairs a Constitutional and fiscal revolution that will long outlast his term.

Oil Industries

Good, infrastructure is shifting.

This should have happened in 2005, or 1995. We're going to crash into peak oil, but our oil refineries are preparing for the event, and automakers are shifting to biofuels. Biofuels might be a good medium between oil and e-, to help clean the planet's air and reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions intermediate to energy sustainability.

ExxonMobil technologies need to be released in a dynamic suitable to human social pathology. No level of material or technology will 'cause' humanity to detox itself as a group. We're going to have to be cooperatively reconstituted. Hence biological research, cloning, sociological empathic psychology, spiritual functionality, ecology, ethics and morality, and sustainability.

God, please prepare us.

Monday, June 04, 2007

China's stock market dropped something like 8%. I speculated openly this past weekend that America sold its mfu base in preparation for peak oil, at which point we will break out the new Exxonmobil energy technologies and outfox those whom we recently sold our base to. We have seeded our competetors with poor technology in preparation for our own scheduled crisis/release.

Peak oil is scheduled for the early quarters of 2008. Perhaps summer driving season. It will be more like a biquarter event of scaling prices, during which time we can produce media spotlights on our most favorable (c) technologies and build new industrial bases and make use of American, Mexican, and Iraqi[/Iranian] oil to produce a peak oil spike that our competetors will not be able to follow.

"Will we need Iranian oil in the future to corner the market?"
"How much will it 'cost' to get that Iranian oil?"


Will we be able to use this market condition to improve society, or not? We have not been successful in accumulating a positive association between wealth and goodness of society. Our many dynamic efforts to shake out society have been thwarted and thwart ourselves. They are also beginning/continuing to 'poison the well', as are our politics globally.

We've formed a chunk that will not get through our filter. What do we do about this chunk and about our filter? Both have failed.

You fail.

You lose all major assets. You lose all major control. The successful portion is vapor off the top, which reorganizes into a new mesh.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Money and Politics

I've seen a trend since bank decentralization in 1980, Neuromancer in 1984, NAFTA and prescription medication television and meagazine advertisement ~1996, and megacorporations and mergers in the late 90's and early 2000's, and the ~entire Bush Presidency [and HMOs] moving money and services away from the middle class and citizenry and towards major corporations and wealthy individuals.

If Ron Paul is elected president, would he eliminate the IRS to put more money in the hands of the wealthy?

-It is possible to change tax rates so anyone making under ~$60,000 pays no tax at all. This alone would be a 15-28% pay raise for everyone on the bottom shelf of society. The majority of businessmen and big businesses pay no taxes whatsoever and do so for years and years because of write offs, incentives, and chicanery written into tax code. Tax accountants have been taught how to file through these loopholes. Eliminating them could make us fiscally sound again.

Would Ron Paul reduce services and state funding of healthcare and education systems?

-It is possible to reduce services while improving quality of living. Our public schools are not worth sending the average student to. Our colleges are freakishly overpriced, and our job markets mismanage our educational requirements. Public healthcare is treated like a business. We should change our education system to serve us and our children and workers, and change our healthcare system to serve the same. We must also make pharmaceutical companies move beyond the chemical additive level and into engineering the human.

What would Ron Paul do about the American military complex and the world's military condition?

-The world spent $1.05 trillion on the military in 2005, and America's finances account for about half of that. Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Truman fought or warned us about the military industrial complex. Nixon and Reagan embraced it, George Bush has revived it. It is time to put this monster to sleep. America must not profit from war, and must avoid it unless it is necessary like D-Day and VJ-Day were necessary. A media and corporate complex to go with and sell it are ways corporations shoehorn us into profitable and expensive wars that degrade us and the world.

It is important for people to become wiser about their money, civil vs play vs D/s society, and sustainability. I firmly believe that Ron Paul would fix our economy and dismantle the organizations that fiscally control us and the world.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Out of Business

Each industry and company should seek to put itself out of business. Not through poor business decisions, but good ones, such as eliminating their product or service from necessity by their market. This will cycle humanity quickly through technologies. For example, a dentist should strive to eliminate cavities and to perform as few dental procedures as possible. A soda company should seek to make their product non-addictive but pleasant and healthy, and eliminate as much extraneous nutrition functionality as possible from their foods/drinks. Casual snacking or drinking is not something that a soda industry should promote. In the same way advertising should be minimized or eliminated but for the service of listing the product as 'for sale' or 'available'.

This will improve mankind's quality of living and reduce the cost of living while tightening and tuning our economy to necessity.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

12-24 months

This is the time frame for fiscal crisis that we're working on:

Carlyle Group says that within 12-24 months excess market liquidity [$] will dry up. The longer they wait, the more $ they make, but the longer they wait, the worse the crash is. This is forecasting the Great Depression Mark II.

"Internal Carlyle Group Memo: Market Good For 12-24 Months"

In 12-24 months, we will likely hit "peak oil" [see required reading]. We will also be in the ballpark for an American currency crisis, as forecasted 60-70% likely within 3 years [2005/6 -> 2008/9]. Preparations for this condition have been in accordance for years, and the fruit of it is coming due.

There is a possibility that instead of nothing, we will have everything. This is largely dependent on organization of society and various technology preparations.

In some cases, I think we want ourselves/certain ways not to win, and to crash horrifically, because of the fool choices they make and promote, and the not true things that they believe.

What do you want to have in 2010? 2020? Think.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Debt is an unreal number

Fantastic news tonight from the US Labor Secretary in interview.

"03 02 2007: US Labor Secretary indicates that we're ready to switch to a 'very sustainable' free energy economy 'sooner rather than later'. Labor market looks fantastic."

We lose more jobs to technology than the average recession per year. China has a net loss of manufacturing jobs due to technology, even as they take in manufacturing jobs from foreign markets. This means that as technology replaces man power, more labor can potentially be done with the same resources. Otherwise, technology would be abandoned for manpower. Because there is a loss of labor to be done as it is replaced by technology, it is necessary for the wealth produced by this technology to be distributed fairly. Labor must have leads in or labor will collapse under technology. Labor collapsing means the general market collapses if the majority of humanity has no income potential. By using free energy, all laborers can be turned into techs, farmers, or capitalists, and free efficient machines can perform all meaningful jobs of labor. This will produce a booming economy forever.

Regarding Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie's term on non-negative numbers, and debt being 'in the red', we must resolve our understanding of what debt is. A negative number is not a 'debt', as nothing can be less than a vacuum, but it is a resolution for this place to be filled by something else becoming zero. This can be a partition of a grouping, such as 'part of my resource' or 'part of my labor'.

Walmart Nouvelle

Walmart could become a good net-order store. They have the capital to augment their chain[s] with a good warehouse/home delivery service. Sears did it 115 years ago. Any chain could quickly take advantage of the world's internet population and use webcams store chats and net salespeople to sell goods.

I imagine the store as a webhangout as well as a business. Active chat rooms, a forum, news tickers, maybe a DJIA category board for certain genres, you can have your ads, plenty of store and product review blogs, [oh, that did it], map and directions protocols, store locators, warehouse locators, search engine, product finder, charity lists and clickable charities, and maybe some flash games too. Webcomic rings. Modest hosting. It'll be bright.

Next up will be the product order info. People will come here for the funk above, and also find the time to order products amazon style to be delivered same day or at their convenience. Grocery-style. No one waits 2 days for groceries. They get it in hours. So they will get a blender they see on a webcam in hours, in the comfort of their home. You can order a pizza online, why not a blender?

Walmart is making far less money on its old stores. Perhaps they should begin *closing* unprofitable stores, or turn them into internet cafes and direct warehouses.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Greenspan to China?

I am surprised that Allen Greenspan addressed "China" regarding the recession. Was it a state to state call?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The New Global Economy and Chaos

There is technology available to shift the global economy and human structure away from the traditional economic structure and its greivances. This encompasses a major change in the structure of society, greater than any in modern history. The greatest challenge is not the acquisition of the technology nor the building of the infrastructure, but how to do this with a minimum level of chaos, destruction, and loss of life.

The primary up-coming resource needing leadership in structural change is free energy. Free energy impacts power plants, transportation, militaries, industry, urban environments, residential attachments and certain natural resources. Holdings in these sectors minus natural resources surpasses $7 trillion. These use or produce almost all of our world's produced energy and release the vast majority of the world's pollutant toxicity.

If free energy were released onto the 'market' today, it would explode like an atom bomb onto our way of life. We need to replace the jobs and infrastructure currently in place with free energy systems.

We could allow this to breach the market, and simply allow competition to progress. All major companies that did not upgrade would become 'uncreditable' from their poor business model. Companies would close ~immediately and ~800 million jobs would be destroyed. This would be grand chaos.

If we can provide massive capital to new industries forming and oversee the expenditure of this capital to appropriate contracting agencies, we can provide a suitable cover-slip to 'profitability'. A sufficiently-sized portion of new technology products and industry will need to be introduced in private sectors [machinery, equipment, contract installations] to support itself and be maintained.

Nationalizing or 'globalizing' public production sources could mediate the level of competition and price to make outdated facilities still produce some revenue to contribute to their dismantling and the construction of new facilities.

The state can also affect this change by switching all of its private and public contracts to new technology sources. This change alone would be enough to found a support structure. and improve government and industry efficiency. Pollution would also be reduced substantially.

Existing contracts for inefficient industries may stay on the books, but the new market would make it less profitable to renew them.

Vast natural resources will need to be updated in market value. Oil, uranium, coal, natural gas, these things will decline in value and usefulness. Industries devoted to cultivating them should be dismantled or abandoned in favor of new industries with high potential for economic interaction.

Automakers will need enhanced competition from these auto companies. A state-run or privately funded automobile manufacturer will need to be assembled. Perhaps in a Canadian factory complex. See examples from and below on this site to determine certain principles of automotive advance that may be useful and clean. Major automakers may be able to update using their own credit and capital without substantial government or social pressure if they are faced with competition from a small Canadian firm using this technology. The Canadians will not be able to produce millions of cars, but their presence on the market will encourage rapid change. Their assured profit will also assure rapid growth and fantastic credit. This may be a good example for many potential industries, so that the market will 'assist itself' in changing.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

Advertising on the Moon

Advertising is a poor choice. the individual should decide and seek the things they need.

This is complex because of the dynamic macroeconomics. A business should be successful [fit] enough without needing to advertise. Advertisement in a way is a weakness and protectionism. Only large companies can afford to nationally advertise, so small companies are at a distinct disadvantage, causing business hegemony, sloth, and increased franchisement vs entrepreneurship.

This could serve as a centralization of economics, but it also produces greater mass-market risk and may reduce worker recompense and increase cost of living.

Does a house rot entirely before it falls down?

Intensity of advertising also clogs public space and airwaves. It is distinctly not beautiful in its purpose, even if it may have a beautiful person or script as a mask.

What is the alternative to advertisement? A greater product review could assist economic fitness. [We even have a consumer product review?] An economy that relies on being lean and tight instead of enormous and poorly allocated could be a good choice.

We currently cycle the world's resources heavily with the WTO, IMF, -advertisement- and other hegemonic financial systems. For example, until recently, all oil as traded in dollars. As were most bonds. That centralizes resources in America at the cost of personal interest.

Promoting very unfavorable and unbalanced economic conditions is a poor way of infusing cash into a non-functional system propped up by military might or other contracts.

This system is then caught in place by a decapitated electorate and a Congress influenced by titanic fiscal interests, requisite by their own inefficiency.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Originally there were herders and farmers. It's totally not the herders' fault that the animals they chase ate crops the farmers protected. But it sucks that the herders didn't mind the farmers' loss. They should share beef and herbs.

Furthermore, there is another class of human. The merchant. They care not for farming nor for herds. They have other goods and piles that they trade. These folk have fancied themselves the new rulers of the world over the needs of hunters and farmers. This might be fine if they honor God. Farmers keep varmints away, and herders try to supply the best grass. While a merchant should try to cultivate their products and have them improve their customers.

Merchants, rulers, who do not honor God with their works labor in dishonor.